Rex Ray – Untitled (TG-766)


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Artwork Description

Rex Ray – Untitled (TG-766)

Dimensions: 34 x 45.38″ unframed / 34 x 45.38″ unframed
Year: 2003
Medium: monoprint
Edition: 1/1

Rex Ray Untitled (TG-766) is a rare, hand-signed monotype Rex Ray created in 2003. Ray created numerous album covers for musicians such as David Bowie, The Redidents, Cure, and more. Ray was most well-known for his collaged paper cut-out works, and this monotype is remarkable in that it utilizes his woodblock texturization. This monotype is one of the only signed monotype remaining on the market by this extraordinary artist. Rex Ray’s works have been exhibited in such esteemed museums as Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

-Tonya Turner Carroll