Michele Pred – We Vote, Power of the Purse series


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Artwork Description

Michele Pred – We Vote, Power of the Purse series

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 2″ finished size
Year: 2018
Medium: Electroluminescent wire on vintage purse

Pred’s art often incorporates everyday objects imbued with political meaning. One of her signature techniques involves the use of vintage handbags, which she transforms into powerful statements on women’s rights. These bags, emblazoned with phrases like “Equal Pay” and “My Body My Business,” serve as portable billboards for feminist messages. By repurposing these items, Pred not only gives them new life but also situates her work within a historical context, connecting past struggles with present ones.

Her “Handbag Project” which will be on display at [CONTAINER] is a poignant example of how she uses art to advocate for women’s rights. These handbags, often displayed in public spaces and at protests, challenge the viewer to reconsider the ongoing fight for gender equality. Pred’s work in this series emphasizes the personal as political, illustrating how everyday items can become symbols of larger societal issues.