Meridel Rubenstein – Study for Old Growth Tapestry


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Artwork Description

Meridel Rubenstein – Study for Old Growth Tapestry

Dimensions: 27 x 51.25″ finished size / 27 x 51.25″ unframed
Year: 2000
Medium: pre-ambertype iris print

Meridel Rubenstein’s “Study for Old Growth Tapestry” features an old woman flanked by images of old growth trees. Her direct gaze and resolute posture convey the roots of experience that anchor her presence. Like the trees, she has been a witness to history. She has stories to tell of struggle and strength, and she stands as a testament to resilience and as a guide to the next generation of women to continue to change the narrative.

“Your pictures are bows to peace and a realignment of how we view history, even our own.” – Terry Tempest Williams

“A consummate maker of metaphors, an artist who can never talk about only one thing at a time, but speaks of things in relationship, of lives to landscapes, of corporeal location and homing in terms of labyrinths and minotaurs, of bombs in terms of other myths, of physicists in relationship to pueblos.” -Rebecca Solnit