Meridel Rubenstein – Belonging


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Artwork Description

Meridel Rubenstein – Belonging

Dimensions: 11 x 10″ framed / 11 x 10″ unframed
Medium: 192 page limited edition black linen boxed set book plus Millennial Forest print in separate folio inside
Edition: ed. 30

American artist Meridel Rubenstein began her professional career in the early 1970s, evolving from photographer of single photographic images to an artist of extended works, multi-media installations, and social practice.

Upon turning 70 in 2018, Rubenstein celebrated with four large public exhibitions spanning the past 25 years of her practice. This includes works from her atomic series Critical Mass, as well as her installation Oppenheimer’s Chair, which was commissioned for the first Site Santa Fe International Biennial in 1995 (on the anniversary of the initial atomic test at Trinity), as well as her newest work, a three-part series titled Eden Turned on Its Side. The latter focuses on intersections of nature and culture in relationship to ecological and social imbalance, beginning with Photosynthesis on a farm in Vermont, expanding globally to the Volcanoes of the Ring of Fire in Indonesia, and finally to the site of the original Garden of Eden in Iraq.