Matthew Shlian – Omoplata Pear


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Artwork Description

Matthew Shlian – Omoplata Pear

Dimensions: 25 x 25″ unframed
Year: 2019
Medium: scored and folded paper

Matt Shlian’s “Omoplata Magenta” exemplifies the dynamism, color, and movement of mathematics. Shlian constructs his works from paper, based upon engineered folds to create ultimate visual engagement. He incorporates both color and shadow in his overall artistic composition.

Omoplata is a term from Brazilian jiu jitsu meaning “triangular engagement.” Shlian is an artist/engineer, whose paper works are exemplary¬†of true genius. His works are unique expressions of a true understanding of and love for geometry and mathematics, as well as artistic skill and conceptual thought. Shlian has collaborated with scientists as well as with art institutes internationally. His works have been shown in top collections, galleries, and museums.