Matt King – Untitled 017


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Artwork Description

Matt King – Untitled 017

Dimensions: 20 x 20″ paper
Year: 2023
Medium: screenprint on paper
Edition: ed. of 100

Matt King was an American artist who was born in the Dallas area and later moved to Santa Fe to open Meow Wolf. As a founder of Meow Wolf, King devoted his time to collaborative art projects all over the country. He created some of the most outrageous and beautiful collaborative Meow Wolf environments, and featured in the Meow Wolf Origin Story film with George R.R. Martin.

In 2021, King started a body of mixed media paintings, a number of which included neon that he had shaped as gestural brush strokes. The paintings were so strong that they were slated for exhibition in New York, but King passed away before the exhibition occurred. Turner Carroll is the estate representative for Matt King’s artwork. This print was based on the mixed media work Untitled 017.