Karen Yank – The Space Between Us


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Artwork Description

The Space Between Us

Dimensions: 42 x 61″
Year: 2012
Media: steel

Karen Yank – The Space Between Us features two nearly identical shapes that are not circles themselves but employ circular curves and negative shape; in addition, the viewer can also infer two larger intersecting circles from the shapes. These circular elements are ubiquitous in Yank’s piece, representative of the enormous number of circular elements in nature, including the dome of the sky, the sun, the moon, and the cycle of life. Both parts of this piece also include sharp lines that run vertically. The lines, which are also frequently featured in Yank’s art, pay homage to Yank’s late mentor Agnes Martin while simultaneously representing the boundary that splits the earth and the sky. The interaction between the circle and the line is common in Yank’s works, portraying both the union between the earth and the sky as well as the relationship between Martin and Yank, teacher and student.
Yank is often inspired by the picturesque landscapes of New Mexico, and describes her work as representing not only the nature itself, but rather the emotional impact that one feels when immersed in nature.
Yank primarily works in mixed metals to create her mesmerizing sculptures, citing their strength and durability.
Many of Yank’s award-winning works are featured in museums and galleries throughout the United States. This, along with the large number of public works she has produced, primarily throughout the Southwest, undoubtedly makes her the most established sculptor in the state of New Mexico.
Yank’s work will be featured in an exhibition called “Karen Yank and Agnes Martin: Student and Mentor” at Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the summer of 2018.
Lillie Guo