Jim Dine – Little Blue Pinocchio


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Artwork Description

Jim Dine – Little Blue Pinocchio

Dimensions: 38.5 x 43″
Year: 2011
Media: lithograph, hand coloring with polymer paint, digital print background from cd cover
Edition: PI/12

Jim Dine “Little Blue Pinocchio” is a highly desirable image from his Pinocchio series, with added intimacy due to its unique background. Dine uses cd cases for his paint palettes in his studio. For “Little Blue Pinocchio,” he loved the way the blue worked on top of the yellow strip of this particular cd case, so he used that image and text as the jumping off point for this Pinocchio. Dine made a small edition of this print, only totaling 12 in the entire edition. The hand coloring in this work is yet another element that makes it such a highly desirable work.

Jim Dine is one of the top contemporary artists in the US, and his works are included in major museums throughout the world.

-Michael Carroll