Hung Liu – Route 66 with Cat


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Artwork Description

Hung Liu-Route 66 with Cat

Dimensions: 25.25 x 31.5″
Year: 2016
Media: six plate color lithograph
Edition: 19/40

Hung Liu-Route 66 with Cat lithograph is based on Dorothea Lange Hung Liu-Route 66 with Cat lithograph is based on Dorothea Lange photography from the American Dust Bowl Era.

Hung Liu first discovered Dorothea Lange’s photography when she visited the Dorothea Lange archive at the Oakland Museum of Art and Sciences.  Lange obsessively photographed American migrant workers and their families as part of an FSA photography project documenting the effects of the Dust Bowl on the lives of American farmers.  Liu saw the same struggle in the faces of the Americans in Lange’s photographs that she had felt herself, working 364 days per year for four years, in China’s wheat and rice fields as part of her “re-education” under Chairman Mao.  Hung Liu found kindred spirits in these American migrants.

In Hung Liu’s “Route 66 with Cat” lithograph, you can identify the six different layers of color and composition Hung Liu used to create this highly detailed lithograph.

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