Fausto Fernandez – Black Monolith


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Artwork Description

Fausto Fernandez – Black Monolith

Dimensions: 60 x 60″
Year: 2018
Media: collage, acrylic, oil sticks, spray paint on canvas

Fausto Fernandez’s Black Monolith is one of his finest paintings. This image features a black uniform, vertical rectangular shape, placed transparently on top of an image of a woman. Black women have born the burden of creation, nourishment, and nurturing humanity far beyond the bounds of their offspring. They exemplify civilization’s apex of strength, bravery, compassion, and determination.

-Tonya Turner Carroll

Black contains every aspect of the color spectrum. The Pleroma, in the all-encompassing Jungian sense, comes to mind as it is both devoid of color and full of color at the same time.

I love this piece and see a monolith containing the essence of life. We see an image created from every shade of color in the spectrum.

-Stephen Buxton

Fausto Fernandez is a mixed media collage artist whose works include a variety of paintings, public art, and community engagement projects, through which he explores the relationship of nature and technology as they intersect with human behavior. Materials used include wallpaper, asphalt, spray paint, acrylic paint, and laserjet transfers. Instructional materials, such as schematics and blueprints, provide meaning to his work. Fernandez’s artworks are a reflection of his identity, challenging the cultural environment in which he was raised along the border of Mexico and the United States. He explores the unique ways in which people communicate and express themselves as individuals within society, and attempt to capture the essential ingredients of wonder that exceed the limits of multicultural border subjects.