Fausto Fernandez – Activity of Leisure


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Artwork Description

Activity of Leisure

Dimensions: 30 x 36″
Year: 2017
Media: collage, solvent transfer, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Fausto Fernandez’s Activity of Leisure is at once busy and muted; his extensive use of form and color lends a physical hum to the work, while the the thick, diagonal lines counter-balance the disorder, allowing viewers to settle on quiet focal points. The work conveys both a sense of individual identity and collective action, where each of the figures appear engaged in their own task, but come together under the broader category of ‘leisure’. There is a definitive street art quality to the work, where the use of spray paint indicates a spontaneous rejection of the careful planning often associated with more traditional art forms.  

Fausto Fernandez’s paintings have been exhibited in major museums such as the McNay in San Antonio, Texas; Akron Art Museum; Tucson Museum of Art; and Phoenix Art Museum. He has also created numerous public artworks such as new facade for the Hollywood-Burbank Airport and Pheonix Airport.