Clarence Heyward – Deep Dive


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Artwork Description

Clarence Heyward – Deep Dive

Dimensions: 21 x 21″ framed / 18 x 18″ framed
Year: 2023
Medium: lithograph on paper
Edition: 7/30

A profound voice in the realities of contemporary Blackness in America, Clarence Heyward uses green instead of black skin to remind us of our own projections upon Black people. He renders his own daughter in a swimming pool, as a reminder of what it felt like when he and his family entered the swimming pool at the New Orleans Four Seasons Resort, and everyone else–all white–got of the pool. The history of being Black and unwelcomed in swim settings runs deep and he feels people should be able to walk in his shoes.

After the incident, Heyward’s young daughter asked why all the people left when they got into the pool. Heyward had to explain this racist action to his daughter. After he explained the reason, he added that the worst part of the situation was that while he had to explain to her, it was likely a conversation was never had between the families that left and their own children. In “Deep Dive,” Heyward adds the word “Dive” as an affirmation of courage and determination for his daughter’s future.

Turner Carroll is the first gallery to exhibit Heyward’s work, and has already placed his paintings in top collections and museums including the Rubell, North Carolina Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Ackland Museum of Art, Cameron Art Museum, and the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University.