Beverly McIver – Washing Dishes

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Artwork Description

Beverly McIver – Washing Dishes

Dimensions: 25 x 31″ framed / 24 x 30″ unframed
Year: 2002
Medium: oil on canvas

In 1997-1998, Beverly McIver created a series of paintings refered to as Loving in Black and White. At the time, she was in relationship with a white man named David, and as the relationship evolved, she felt more and more estranged. She realized that while he, as a white man, felt very much at home in his own persona, she, as a black woman, felt trapped within the stereotypes associated with black women through the ages.

Consigned to TCG from Horseman Foundation: 2023/01/06 to 2023/03/10 for Dear God exhibition at CONTAINER.