Agnes Martin – Untitled


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Artwork Description

Agnes Martin – Untitled

Dimensions: 13.75 x 13.75″ framed / 12 x 12″ unframed
Year: 1990
Medium: lithograph
Edition: ed. 2500

Agnes Martin–Untitled is from the Suite of Ten Lithographs– a group of ten of Martin’s works in which she displays her quest for simplicity, seemingly perfectly straight lines, and a heavy geometric influence. In some of the works in this suite, Martin uses light colors, but in her nature, she shies away from bright colors that direct the eyes of the viewer to one particular spot. In each of these pieces, the straight lines that run horizontally or vertically carry a level of perfection, but an observant viewer will notice the slight imperfections that come with each one–imperfections that are produced by an artist who created only by hand.

“Martin had, from the start, an extraordinary sensitivity to subtleties of light and touch. When she hit, at last, on the format of the grid—a motif that was tacit in modern painting after Cubism but never before stripped, and kept, so bare—she found ways to make those qualities the exclusive basis of a wholly original, full-bodied art. She insisted that the results did not exclude nature but analogized it. She said, “It’s really about the feeling of beauty and freedom that you experience in landscape.” (Apropos of the slightly varied forms in some series of her paintings, she recalled studying clouds in the sky: “I paid close attention for a month to see if they ever repeated. They don’t repeat.”) The effect of Martin’s art is not an exercise in overarching style but a mode of moment-to-moment being.”

– Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker