Art is both a reflection of humanity and a tool to help us learn how to improve it. The visual, non-verbal language of art is indeed universal, reaching all people on a somatic level. Whether an image was created by an artist in China or in the United States, people anywhere in the world and of any gender or race can create individualized relationship with that image, even without knowing the artist’s original intent. For this reason, art is one of the most important tools in universal communication. Let Tonya Turner Carroll guide you through the images below, discussing how each image relates to our interconnected global community. Click on the images below, to learn more about how each of these works speak to our shared human experience.

If you have insights you’d like to share with us about these artworks, please email your insights and attribution (if you’d like your name listed) at We’ll incorporate the most astute insights into our descriptions of the artworks, attributed to the writer.

Enjoy this exploration of art while you have the luxury of time!