October 26, 2018

Opening Reception Friday, October 26, 5-7pm
Turner Carroll Gallery is pleased and excited to announce the Hung Liu/Trillium Award and creation of a scholarship through the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Twelve pieces have been curated by Turner Carroll and will be sold to fund this endowment. The award and scholarship will be given annually to an MFA student at the University of Oregon.

This collection presents a unique opportunity to acquire a significant Hung Liu mixed media work while seeding the award endowment. This endowment connects the planned major exhibition of Hung’s work—accompanied by a comprehensive monograph—with the acquisition of 55 Hung Liu artworks by JSMA for their permanent collection.

The idea for this award grew out of Hung Liu’s personal trajectory as an artist. She knows the tribulations of being a committed painter struggling financially and culturally. She is an immigrant from China who arrived in the U.S. to begin her graduate studies in art at UC San Diego with two suitcases and $20. Because she had amazing mentors in her graduate program, including the great Alan Kaprow, Hung has been able to reach the highest tier of contemporary art. Her paintings are now in the collections the Metropolitan Museum of Art, SFMoMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art among others. In addition, the National Portrait Gallery is currently working on her retrospective that will open in May 2021.

Hung comes from a long line of professors. Her grandfather, mother, husband, son, as well as Hung, herself, worked in academia, and have taken pride in the strong relationships they developed with their students. Hung wants part of her legacy to be not only the artwork she leaves behind, but also the impact she has on talented young artists. Via the Hung Liu/Trillium Award and scholarship, Hung’s work will live on by fostering students’ ability to fund their education and practice to fulfill their artistic visions. Hung chose the JSMA as the recipient of this endowment due to its founding by and commitment to strong women leaders, as well as its impeccable collection of Asian art.

The purchase of these impressive works will add not only great beauty to your collection, but will also make a lasting contribution to civilization by supporting future artists like Hung who are determined to make the world a better place.

Work in the exhibition may be viewed here.

For more information and high resolution images, please visit https://turnercarrollgallery.com/press-area/ or info@turnercarrollgallery.com