Georges Mazilu - Red Rhinoceros

Georges Mazilu – Red Rhinoceros

”I was born in Romania in 1951 and earned my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Grigorescu Art Institute in Bucharest.
In 1982 I escaped Ceausescu’s dictatorial regime and settled down in France. Some features of my present art as absurdity and grotesque could find their explanation in my youth years spent in socialist Romania…
In their origins my compositions are abstract constructions that I gradually build into representational images. This process permits me to sound my unconscious as I transform abstractions into harmonious structures, mirrors of my present state of mind. I try to keep my logic from interfering, slowly converting my constructed forms into figures. In the final stage the process continues more consciously as I work to create an atmosphere around the figures that completes their world, a world that reflects the complexities and psychological realities of our own environment. ”

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