Suzanne Sbarge - Boxcar

Suzanne Sbarge – Boxcar

About the work Suzanne says, “Some of the earliest examples of dovetail wood joinery are found in ancient Egyptian burials, places where body and spirit re-aligned and transformed. The hybrid characters in my work are similarly in states of flux, emerging from the unconscious and becoming something real, or exiting the limitations of the natural world and becoming new beings in new dreamscapes.”

The juxtaposition of paint and collage gives a sense of altered vision. This “collaged state of mind” – the dovetailing of the real and the surreal – is what Suzanne Sbarge looks for. Ever-present are the dualities of familiarity and otherworldliness, interior and exterior space, domesticity and freedom, sky and earth, real and imagined.

Opening Reception Friday, November 22, 2019 from 5 to 7pm.

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