Riffs on Beauty Reigns

This exhibition is inspired by the recent touring museum exhibition Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting. Among the characteristics these artists share are high-key color, layered surface imagery, use of overall and repeated patterns, stylized motifs and a tension between melancholy and the sublime. Artists include Beauty Reigns-curated artists Fausto Fernandez and Rex Ray, as well as
Jamie Brunson.

Often, museum level contemporary art is perceived as brooding, intimidating, or aloof.Turner Carroll believes contemporary art can also make life better, happier, more optimistic. With Glow: Excerpts from Beauty Reigns, we celebrate museum quality contemporary art that is flamboyantly confident, exuberant, and beautiful, while awing the viewer with the artists’ undeniable mastery and skill.

Opening Reception Friday, June 12, 2015 from 5 to 7pm
[n.b. that this event takes place in Santa Fe]