Clarence Heyward - Family MattersClarence Heyward: UNSEEN, from the Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC

Opening Reception at Turner Carroll, Friday, June 23, 5–7 pm

One of our breakout artists of 2022 will be coming to Turner Carroll Gallery for his inaugural solo exhibition in Santa Fe, Clarence Heyward. Throughout 2023 we had difficulty keeping Clarence’s stunning paintings for more than a day or two before a collector took an interest and purchased a piece. Having the works from his solo exhibition at CAM Raleigh travel to the gallery represents a rare opportunity to see and collect the work of this rising star. UNSEEN is accompanied by a soundscape and takes the viewer on a visual journey of what would happen to his family if he became one of the daily casualties of black men in America being killed. This powerful exhibition is not to be missed. Heyward’s paintings were collected by multiple museums before he was ever represented by a gallery, and Turner Carroll is proud to be his first representative.

Work in the exhibition may be seen here.