In this episode I speak with Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre, on their exhibition at Turner Carroll Gallery opening March 11.

In March, 2020, Natalie Christensen (USA) and Jim Eyre (UK), like many of us around the world, retreated from their daily routines into their homes for an unprecedented period of time. During the prolonged lockdowns, they relied more than ever on the digital arena for connection, support, and psychological survival. In this context, they, began to create collaborative photo collages and sculptures based on conversations between the artists about everyday existence on opposite sides of the world. Architectural fragments and elements of the landscape from each of their homes are entwined to present their shared experience. Christensen and Eyre created intentional chaos through the mediums of photography, film, and sculpture as a way of grasping for order, healing, and catharsis in an increasingly unfamiliar world. This was a really special conversation, both Natalie and Jim were so open about their experiences and their practice. I really think you’re going to enjoy it.

Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre: TOGETHER/APART