Artwork in the exhibition is available on our site here.

A firebrand is defined as a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.

July 17-August 15, 2021: The exhibition and opening reception for Firebrands: Judy Chicago, Swoon, and Hung Liu will be held at the contemporary venue Pie Projects on 924B Shoofly Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This exhibition is curated by Turner Carroll Gallery, and will feature rarely seen monumental works by each artist. The exhibition will include historic works by Judy Chicago, Hung Liu’s masterworks Modern Time, and Daughter of the Revolution, as well as a selection of works by Swoon including the box truck-based diorama The House Our Families Built on the final New Mexico stop of its national tour.

Judy Chicago, Swoon, and Hung Liu are all firebrands in the best sense of the word. Each of these women artists overcame tremendous challenges to arrive at the top of the contemporary art world. Chicago, born in 1939, faced condescension for the first several decades of her career by the male-dominated art critics, artists, and gallerists. Chicago would go on to recast the understanding of women’s innumerable contributions to the art world.

Opening reception at Pie Projects, 924B Shoofly Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Saturday, August 21, from 5-7 pm.