Rusty Scruby - Turner Carroll Gallery - Contemporary Artist

Modern Delft

Rusty Scruby works from photographs. Pictures taken quickly on the side of the road, old family snapshots, a water tower; bits of everyday. Scruby physically reconstructs them into complex interwoven patterns. Foreground and background elements exist on the same spatial plane reminiscent of early cubist paintings. In this respect, Rusty expresses personal memory as a fracturing of both time and space.

Waves of effervescent shapes appear like notes on a musical grid. Mathematically cut interlocking strips of photographic and hand drawn paper is accompanied by a dissociative process. Many jigsaw puzzles use images and shapes to reinforce memory function. Rusty instead creates puzzles of perception from the very pieces of his childhood. Instead of arranging fragments by snap-fit shape, he fashions them into compositions that question how we see, think and most importantly, remember.

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