Robert Rauschenberg - Contemporary Artist - Turner Carroll Gallery

Robert Rauschenberg-Signs is one of his most widely known and collected screen prints.  Turner Carroll Gallery is proud to offer #140/250 of this print.

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Signs” is one of his most sought-after works on paper, not only because of its striking visual composition, but also because it encapsulates many of the most important people and events in 1960’s American society. Janis Joplin, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement–all are easily identifiable in this mosaic of American culture. Time Magazine had initially commissioned the image for its cover, though the image never appeared on the cover, because it was considered too politically charged. Renowned contemporary art dealer Leo Castelli convinced Robert Rauschenberg to publish a limited edition print of “Signs” in 1970.  This Rauschenberg “Signs” at Turner Carroll is #140 of the original 250 edition published by Castelli Graphics in 1970, and is appropriately signed and numbered on the front. Turner Carroll is proud to offer you the rare opportunity to acquire this piece of art history, for your own collection.  “Signs” boasts provenance of inclusion in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Smithsonian Institute of Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Gallery of Australia.  It is included in the current exhibition “Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Robert Rauschenberg

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