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Adaptability is key to finding happiness, and Turner Carroll has adapted to a new way of hosting exhibitions to bring you happiness during this unusual, homebound time. We are thrilled to bring you our first 3-D, interactive, virtual exhibition. Our exhibition Keep the Ball Rolling takes its title from Judy Chicago’s Resolutions series work by the same name. The exhibition features vibrant works that inspire mind, body, and heart. Please enjoy our guided tour feature, which allows us to walk you through the exhibition as if we’re walking through the gallery together. You can also click on the View/Purchase on our Website button next to each artwork, to read our descriptive analysis of the specific artwork. Enjoy the exhibition and please send us your comments and suggestions on our new platform, at

View the works in the exhibition on our web page here.

March 1- 25, 2019 | Matthew Shlian: New Work

Matthew Shlian - Ara 318

Matthew Shlian – Ara 318

Artist and designer Matthew Shlian, who describes himself as a paper engineer, gives patterns of life and motion to an otherwise flat form: paper. Shlian creates intricate three-dimensional geometric forms with exact folds and creases to form bas-relief sculptures. His works are often based on classic Islamic tile design principles, born out of years of study using geometry as a basis for patterning. The unit is as important as a whole and symmetry, proportion, light, shadow and repetition are all considered. There is an illusion of movement as the viewer’s eye quickly travels back and forth throughout the piece. In this tangible art form, Shlian creates various geometric forms in a very malleable and unpredictable process.

Artwork in the exhibition may be viewed here.

Opening reception Friday, March 1, from 5-7 pm.

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