The subjects in my paintings are voyagers and seekers of truth. Often alone or in groups of two or more, they vulnerably explore their inner self and their quest for meaning.

Although I am cautious to explain the meaning or purpose behind my work, as I believe that meaning is in the eye of the beholder, I will say that most of my work is an observation of the human condition of modern man and woman. Orphaned from the sanctuary of childhood, we are faced with life’s challenges and the consequences of our choices. I use our relationship with water, nature and each other as a metaphor for personal transformation, refuge and renewal.

The quiet landscape of a body of water or a beckoning field provides both a literal and psychological place of discovery and confession; or, simply a metaphoric snapshot for an ideal state of being.

The lone figure immersed in water illustrates the constant force and changing tides in our lives. Above the surface we may appear to be together and unaffected; however, below the surface, subconciously, we are in a constant state of transformation and illumination. It is my intention that the journey is hopeful and the ending enlightening.

Zener’s paintings are the subject of a large new monograph, and have been exhibited in several museums throughout the world.

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