“Transformations” is an ongoing body of work that addresses connections between the tangible, temporal world and the ephemeral inner realm of memory, emotions, fate and consequence.

The work is comprised of photographic images and sculpture in various media with a large number of pieces created by using cutting-edge lenticular software. Lenticular images allow for the exploration of age old metaphysical and spiritual questions concerning loss, fate, destiny and the existence of multiple realities and simultaneous moments in time.

I like to think that the more advanced we get technically, the closer we’ll come to actually revealing dimensions that we know intuitively but can’t perceive. Technology could become a partner to spirituality. For the fine artist, these advances have opened incredible means of expression that never existed before.

The complex images that I create, invite the viewer to step into the work itself and engage in the visceral and intellectual perception of the transformations that take place within the two dimensional surface.

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